Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Teatime~ Christmas In The 1950's

Happy Teatime! 
Grab a cuppa tea or cuppa Joe and join me! 
Today I am drinking my favorite holiday tea by Celestial Seasons...
Yummy Sugar Cookie Sleigh-ride tea in an old Santa mug.
 I am sharing a few snippets of my Daddy's Christmas in the 1950's... I love going through old photos given to me and just pondering on my family and their lives back in the day. I look through these pictures of Christmas past and simply smile. A simpler time...A time not so consumed with stuff and busyness. baking cookies, simple gifts under the Christmas tree dressed in glass balls, lights and tinsel or cards hanging on the door, the children dressed in jammies or wearing their Christmas best. 
 Their television is off, music is probably playing on the 
radio as Christmas dinner and cookies fill their home with sweet smells.

Family is over around the Christmas tree, the kids are playing with their new toys or playing games as they fill the house with laughter and giggles, making memories that will last their lifetime. And through these photos I can peek into their life so many years ago.

I love seeing my grandparents and great grandparents young...and my daddy along with the aunt and uncle as littles. I wish I could have been there myself to see my dads reaction to opening gifts he had longed for all year. Like the race cars or train sets and the cowboy stuff. 

Those are the kinds of Christmas memories we have tried giving to our children throughout the years. Simple yet sweet, filled with tradition and memories they will cherish throughout their lives. We are not the type of parents who give our kids the biggest, most expensive latest fad like gifts. I like to think of my kids as individuals, giving something handmade or needful, something they really like or something that compliments what they are into. Much thought goes into each gift for that specific person. Christmas is so commercialized in our day now... I would rather make our Christmas a simple Christmas like the 50's. wouldn't you?

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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  1. Once again, I just LOVE looking at your beautiful and creative photos!!