Thursday, June 30, 2016

Chicken Scratch 6/30/16~ Yay Summer & Basil Lemonade

Yes, I went to the thrift shop again...I found some sweet linens and spent about $5....Doesn't take much to make this girl happy. I'd rather hunt for treasures than go shopping for new clothes. lol.... Our Summer thus far has been pretty quiet. Our girl has been getting together with friends and saying her goodbyes before we head out on our new adventure. Yup!!! Things are looking up around here. Saying good riddens to this place won't be a problem for me. There are just too many bad memories here. I can't wait to hit the road with my peeps in just a matter of a few weeks and never have to turn back. It is so exciting!!! We are beginning a brand new beautiful chapter of our lives and this one's a good one! Can't wait to share with y'all soon. 

I wanted to leave you with this recipe...It calls for limes but I had to use lemons instead...Which was still very delicious. If you like basil...You will really enjoy this refreshing lemonade! It may be a little quiet here, but don't worry I will be back periodically as we are preparing for a very BIG move. I am also putting bartering on the back burner for now as well. But look look what I recently received! Two bags of the most delightful homemade teas, I ever did smell in my life. Can't wait for some real sweater weather to enjoy this glorious tea in...
Where we are going will be real sweater weather indeed! Can't wait!!!!

Lastly, I received this lovely handmade stained glass cross from a fellow Farmgirl Sister! My package to her is so late.....She has been so sweet and cooperative with me as we have been going through our transition...That is what I love about my farmgirl community...
These ladies are precious and so patient. It will be such an honor to hang this cross in our new home.

I realize this post is a complete random chicken scratch of a mess...
Bare with me. I'll be back soon!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Chicken Scratch 6/24/16

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here.... Yet, I don't wish to bore y'all with the details. However I will share some recent finds and as well as a couple things I have been into as of late. I ran across a pretty bluish/greenish vintage apron and floral smock at the 
thrift along with this fun old red cookie tin.

Though I am thinking of using the floral fabric in projects, hence I love it so much! My friend Eva gave me his quirky pig watering can...I can't wait to use him....Isn't he fun?

I wanted to share a couple fun publications that are delightfully filled with Southern food! I can't wait to cook in a proper kitchen soon...I have to make some of these awesome recipes...If you don't have cast iron pans, I highly recommend them. They are heavy duty and you can bake with them as well. 

Another recent thrift find were these salt and pepper shakers...If they are cute enough I will and am known to adopt ones that don't have their pair. Like the little ducky who was orphaned. The others are adorable too. My daughter is going to put the cactus shakers in her hope chest. And, look at the little Mexican guy's! I am so going to have a taco dinner in the future and use them as festive decor...Along with some linens I have in my collection that have an embroidered Mexican theme on it. 
It will be adorable!

I also picked up some vintage feed sack fabrics to use in projects. Feed sack fabric is one of my ultimate favorites to use in stuff....So colorful!!!

I also pulled out my watercolors last week and painted this fun little happy farm scene.
I also designed & ordered a FREE book which Shutterfly advertises every year. I decided this years book will be filled with some farmy charm pictures I have shared on my blog or on my Instagram.

I love having little books filled with photos that we can flip through once in a while. Pictures and memories will be cherished for years to come. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

His Name Is David

Our dear friend gave birth to their fourth child a week and a half ago... I was honored to take his newborn pictures for them. What a sweet little blessing he is to this family. It was such a treat to take these photos of such a precious boy. His name is David, named after his grandfather who passed away just a handful of months before his birth. 

I am actually pretty happy with the pictures I took, despite the fact it was uber hot that afternoon and little David was a bit feisty at times. He definitely has a mind of his own and moved into whatever position that was comfortable to him. He really was a great baby to photograph and just look at his serious expressions. Such a doll!!!

Welcome to the world little David!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016~Our Little Picnic

This year we had a quiet Father's Day. We made a nice picnic lunch consisting of a lovely Mediterranean pasta salad, an Italian Salami sandwich topped with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh roasted garlic spread and balsamic vinaigrette dashed with salt & pepper. I also packed up sweet watermelon, grapes, pink lemonade and mini blueberry muffins.

It was a delightful afternoon together celebrating our guy under a shady tree on top of a quilt with our picnic basket. After lunch we lay down on the quilt talking about the best parts of being a daddy. Then we snapped a few priceless photos of daddy and daughter together.....
(we missed having our son celebrate with us too)
One of the best parts of our picnic was that we had the whole park to ourselves. 
The rest of the town was somewhere else!

There is no perfect day I'd rather spend my time with and that is with my little family!