Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lavender & Honey Lemonade AND Chicken Scratch

Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. There's just nothing like finding a treasure and bringing it home to enjoy. My recent find was this big bowl with roses on it. It just had a sweet, delicate farmy charm to it...I can't wait to serve food for friends, using this baby. It is so pretty!

I also found a set of six fruit dessert spoons with a sweet floral design on the handle. These will go beautifully with my Indiana Glass, Kings Crown Thumbprint dishes! I really love incorporating feminine, delicate pieces into my home, mixed with my everyday wares. I really can't wait to be able to unpack all my pretty things and use them again in our home, Lord willing that will be soon!

There really hasn't been any new happenings this last week other than a few thrifting finds. My son celebrated his 22nd candle last Thursday....Miss him! I can't even express how hard it is having your kid live out of state...We don't get to celebrate the important stuff together. He did however have a great day and celebrated with his close friends. The weather here has been off the hook hot the last several days, so keeping hydrated and enjoying fun drinks helps keep Summer cool. I found this yummy Ginger Beer (no alcohol) It's a local company called Cock 'n Bull...A lovely Cherry, Ginger soft drink...Yummy! And part of me may or may have not bought it because of the label and cap. Not only that but it really was a tasty drink which I will buy again!

My friends let me glean from their goods...Such as this beautiful garden fresh lavender and fresh lemons picked from a backyard tree...Today was the perfect day to make a refreshing drink with those ingredients. If you are familiar with Mary Jane's Farm, she keeps an online journal called Raising Jane. There was a delish recipe posted. And of course I had to try it out!

Mary Jane's Farm

Click the link above for the recipe!
  This is a must try out recipe this Summer! The lavender is a delightful 
addition to plain lemonade! I used local honey from my local 
farmer's market in my recipe...
Which made it all the more lovely! Enjoy!!!!!! 

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