Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chapter 2016 Comes To An End

Our family had a rough start to 2016. Yet we are very blessed and ever so grateful to a handful of friends back in California who supported us, lifted us up and took us in for months as we waited on God to answer prayers. God answered those prayers this last Summer. 

We took a trip to Indiana where a church had interest in Mr. Darling possibly becoming their Pastor. We loved Indiana and the people in it immediately. The Church voted and decided that Mr. Darling as well as our little family would be a good fit for them. We went back to California, got a visit from our son who lives in Washington, said goodbye to our closest friends, made sure my Bumble Bee had a chance to spend some last special moments with her girlfriends, packed up our Uhaul from our friends back house...We spent four days on the road to get to our new home!

We felt as if we fit in right away with our church family, Though it took several months for the anxiety and some of the sadness from leaving friends behind...We got Bumble Bee into some home-school co op classes and a theater group. She has made new friends from our church, school and theater group...Now she gets invited to hang out with new friends and she keeps in touch with all her friends back in Cali. She is blossoming here. And that makes this Momma happy!

Mr. Darling has been preaching through Ephesians and the church has been so uplifting and loving to our family. We are happy to call this place our home and family.. Mr. Darling and I have made some special friends here. Friends who invite us over for fellowship, who pray for us and contact us every week whether by phone or text.. I have enjoyed the company of several women who have opened their arms to me. It has been a breath of fresh air and a huge answer to prayer.

Though 2015 was horrible for my family, 2016 was promising and filled with wonderful blessings. We look forward to the New Year ahead as we take root to our new home. 
Happy New Year to you and yours. May the Lord fill 2017 with blessings and grace upon grace. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Peter Pan

This week I took some promo photos of Peter Pan, in which my daughter will be in late January. Her parts are Liza the Maid and a Pirate extra, They have been working very hard rehearsing and prepping since September. They are all a great group of talented young people. Hoping I can share more pictures later as the play draws near. My daughter and I have also been working on the sets for Peter Pan...I think it's going to be a delightful production!!! Who doesn't love the beloved classic?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Beat Winter Blues ~ Candy Cane Bath Salt Soak

Winter is upon us...It's dreary, cold and dark here. The days are short and the nights are long. I am one of those gals who don't do very well in the Winter. I get the Winter Blues. It's real folks! I was trying to find some ways to help with the blues this Winter since we are now living in the Mid West where the Winter will be long!!!!! I will share what I have come up with as I go, in hopes you too will find some inspiration yourself  and join me this Winter. We can beat this!!! I made some lovely bath salts for a few friends this Christmas, and after making them...It hit me...How wonderful this would be to soak in during these long Wintry cold days. I love me a good ole hot soak. Why not add a bit of Winter goodness to it... I gathered up a bunch of jars which I have been collecting over time. You see, my dear Mr. Darling has this thing about salsa....I buy him salsa...So why not keep those lovely jars and reuse them for something else?  Being the frugal gal I am...These will come in handy for gift giving and so much more. Simply paint the lids with your favorite color of spray paint, take off the sticky labels and voila...Your'e in business!

To make this wonderful Wintry Blend  I used 3 bags of Epson Salt, 1 box of baking soda, 1/2 bottle of red sugar sprinkles (for added color) (optional) and about 30 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Mix all these ingredients in a large bowl....Give it a nice sniff....This is a dreamy smell!!!

I poured them into the jars, made some labels and called it good!
 Are you ready to give it a soak? Add 1/4 cup into a nice hot bath
 and soak yourself for at least 10-20 minutes.. 

The delightful scent of peppermint with tantalize your senses. Peppermint essential oil is wonderful for sore muscles as it is a natural pain killer and anti inflammatory. It will even relieve muscle pain caused by the flu. It also improves circulation, relaxing tense muscles and has been recognized to soothe headaches. Peppermint essential oil is also known to raise energy levels, improving focus and mental clarity, relieves stress, and calms skin inflammation. 
The menthol in peppermint provides relief to respiratory problems as well as congestion. I think your'e going to love using this soak this Winter. If you don't want to use it in the bath...You can also just soak your feet in it. There are so many wonderful benefits...

Come on back ya hear? I will share more ideas for beating Winter Blues...
Coming soon!!!