Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Just a few scenes from our home.
My daughter and I are flying out to Washington in the morning...Pray for our travels. 
See y'all soon!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Uncle Herb

August 17, 2017 My beloved favorite Uncle passed away. He suffered a while yet went peacefully in the hospital. Lord willing He took my Uncle to be with Him in Heaven. I have fond memories of my Uncle throughout my life. He was a very loving, soft spoken man with a fun sense of humor, wit and talent. He loved the sea and sailing. He made beautiful things from wood.
I am going to miss this man! He was a delightful human being. I went through old family photos and wanted to share...He was the oldest of three... 
My aunt Barb is the middle child and my daddy is the baby.  

What a good looking family back in the day. They dressed so well too!

I had the pleasure of talking to him just before we moved....Though he was having health issues, his death was sudden. My heart is breaking. My daughter and I are flying out to Washington this week to be with family and attend his funeral on Friday. Please pray for my family and our travels!