Friday, August 11, 2017


We took a road trip over to Chicago for an afternoon while our son was visiting. We never went before and really wanted to try out Giordano's Chicago style pizza. The pizza was great! Chicago however....I am not a fan. Perhaps I am just not a big city girl. I don't tend to care for busy busy , fast paced, traffic, crowded places in general. It was actually a pretty expensive trip. The toll roads into Chicago, the parking, the meal...Sorry City people...I am not a fan whatsoever.

One thing I liked was probably some of the old architecture. 
That's about it!!!

We would have went on a boat tour but they charge about $40 a person...Are you kidding me? We did walk over to the Millennium Park to check out the Big Bean.

That and the pizza along with just being with my little family was the highlight of the day. It was a nightmare getting out of town...I vowed never to go back. That was good enough for this girl!

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