Thursday, August 10, 2017

Our Kiddo Came Home

Our son flew out from Washington state to visit us for the week and to be here for his sister's birthday. It was a short visit..The days went by too fast. But it was good having him around. It was over a year since we have seen him...We went to Yummi Bunni if you are ever in Fort Wayne Indiana, this is a must try! You get a doughnut cut in half with two scoops of desired ice cream ...My new fave dessert now!!! It is literally a doughnut ice cream sandwich..Yummi Bunni!!!

We also visited Sweet Water...A local music store...It's huge! A musicians dream come true kinda place. The kiddo's were in their zone! We also did a lot of hanging out, watched a couple movies at home and went to the theater to see Dunkirk. We also made a trip out to Chicago. Pictures coming soon from that trip out. Let's just say however, this farmgirl is not a fan of big cities...I will be content never going back there again...LOL...

I just loved having my lil family back together again. But the kiddo had to go back to his world in Washington. Miss him already!

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