Friday, August 26, 2016

Pickles Cafe'

So excited to find this little hidden gem not to far from our new home. I am in love with the menu and the little shop upstairs and the vintage shop out back. A quaint lil place secluded in a small town surrounded by little homes and farms. It's the perfect place for a lunch and shopping all in one. 

I ordered a hammy & cheese smothered in apple butter panini... This will be a new favorite, regular place to visit with y girl, or friends and even a sweet date with Mr. Darling. Saturdays they serve breakfast...Will have to check it out. If your ever in Indiana near Fort Wayne look up Pickles...
It won't disappoint!

I came home with this fun old egg carton and a colorful linen towel from the 40's.
I already have a list of a few items I want to go back for. Until then...
Have a Happy Weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ End Of Summer Canning

We went to the Farmer's Market this last weekend and I found a kind Farmer who was selling veggies and tomatoes. It was almost the end of the day and a storm was pushing through, we got to talking a bit and I told him I didn't have a garden of my own this year and really wanted to can some tomato stuff this year. He said he would give me a great deal...Almost 100 pounds of Roma tomatoes for $30. Ummmm Yes! I felt that was a good and fair price...He was very kind!

I got to working..and ended up with a bit of a head cold which held me back for a couple days this week...But I am still working on preserving every last bit of them. I made 4 quarts of smooth spaghetti sauce, 6 quarts of whole tomatoes and working on chunky marinara sauce. Not sure yet how many jars I will get from that. Then I still have one huge box to go...So thinking of just canning whole or diced tomatoes which are always great for using in chili or making a quick sauce from that. 

We were also blessed with green beans and more zucchini and cucumber by a couple from church. I canned the green beans....And will most likely pickle some squash 
and then freeze a bunch of it for breads.

It's been a busy week... I just hope to get most of this done before I start making apple sauce and apple butters.....Then maybe I can get my house and kitchen back in working order. It is filled with jars and canning pots!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Of Course I Can!

I have been working diligently in the kitchen preserving the zucchini and cucumbers that were given to us. I made some relish and a peach mango salsa the other day. I have a few more recipes to go as well as freezing the zucchini for Winter baking. We have been blessed by the bounty given to us this Summer...And looking forward to enjoying it all this Winter. 

Canning and preserving your own food is rewarding!
 I highly recommend it!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ The Homestead Is Almost Up And Running!

We have made a lot of progress our first month here in Indiana! Our homestead is almost up and running and functioning. We have been doing a lot of deep cleaning and painting, setting up the necessities and getting ready for more order. I managed to go through our belongings and set aside things we don't need for re sale or donation. I have found a place for almost everything. Just working on a few lingering items and trying to find room. 

Our little farm bedroom is all set up, painted and decorated with treasured photos of our grandparents. The room is very tiny but perfect really. 
We simply need a place to lie our head down at night.

The kitchen is also finally up and running!!!! We had to purchase a new stove/oven...Since the one left in the house was burned to a crisp inside the oven. Not sure but it didn't look safe nor did it look hygienic to even bake in. We chose the matching stove to our refrigerator. Can't wait to make many cherished suppers and desserts in this little kitchen for family and friends..And to preserve good wholesome food for my little family. 

Speaking of preserving food. I was able to preserve some veggies that were given to us. I canned Green beans, zucchini, spicy zucchini salsa, sweet dill pickles, and basil peach jam. I will also be making some relish, pickled zucchini and squash, and zucchini salsa verde. 

So happy we will have a few goodies for Winter...But I am so looking forward to our very own garden on our homestead next Spring. We have plans for it just beyond the clothesline.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chicken Scratch

What a blessing! Our new church family got together and planned a surprise 16th birthday for our daughter! It was wonderful...A secret I kept from her for three weeks...And boy was she so surprised!!! We have never felt so much love from one church in many years, until now. A prayer I have had for so long. We have felt so out of place for a long time and we had felt like we were literally wandering the dessert...But God is so good...In His time He reveals much...And it has taken a while to get to where we are now. We felt it instantly when we visited months ago....That this was it! Finally the place for us, and the people for us, it felt so right, we felt the genuine love of so many...
We made them all instantly our family! In return they have made us theirs!

Many of these delightful souls, I have felt as if I have known them for years...They too have expressed the same. It feels so good to fit in and just be loved and not judged or watched over like a hawk. These people genuinely love the Lord, and they are real down to earth caring people who just simply want to serve along with us with no strings or motives attached.
 I am so happy that we can just be ourselves!

So far we have had a lot of fellowship. We have been invited to homes and places, gone to two weddings, the zoo ( which was fun).... In such a short time we have connected to these precious saints like never before. We are so blessed to be here along side fellow believers who just wish to learn, serve and be together loving one another in the name of Christ.

We have put the old behind us and ready to dive into this new life in a new place with people I am blessed to call my brothers and sisters. Thanks be to God for hearing our prayers and bringing us to this new place! We are so in love with everything about it!