Friday, September 23, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Lending A Farm Hand

It was a fun week to be able to lend a hand on our Farmer Friends Homestead. Tending to the chickens and gathering veggies from their garden and collecting the hen's eggs for our homestead has truly been a blessing to my family. Despite my being very ill with an upper respiratory infection and flu, I still did my job. I loved every minute of it. 

As a Mary Jane Farmgirl/ Sisterhood Member, 
I can happily add to my Farmgirl Merit Badges!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chicken Scratch~Chicken Scratch

This week I have been lending a helping hand on The Farmer & His Wife's homestead, tending to their chickens and gathering eggs & veggies from the garden. Despite getting the flu/and really bad upper respiratory cold, I have to go do the work... The hardest part really has been trudging through the mud and the large garden...My lungs can't take too much...But I have managed to do pretty well.

Of course my favorite part is spending time with the chickens and feeding them. They are the cutest little critters. It has brought me back to the days I grew up having chickens.....

It has been a delight to bring all the eggs home for my family and the veggies as well. The Farmer has been very gracious to us with his bounty. We are so blessed.
Anytime they need my help...I will be there!

Just a reminder dear readers...
The Home Sweet Home Tours start next week!!! 
Come on back ya hear!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Home Tours From My Old Blog

Many of my readers know that I had a blog before this one....Called Frolicking Freckles. I started that blog back in 2007 when my kids were younger...It was a mod podge of homeschooling, family, life  and such...It was unfortunate that I had to end that blog due to a few stalkers. I know crazy right! Sad but true!!! I thought switching to another space would be safe, but these stalkers were diligent and still managed to find my new blog too! I know, desperate huh? I just hope that if they are still lurking that they are enjoying themselves. I personally don't care anymore...What can you do?  I just never thought someone would be so desperate to know the goings on with our life. So if my stalkers are reading, I am sending out a hello to you! 

 So here we are!! Come November it will be a year of blogging here.
As mentioned in a recent post the other day I am going to share some fun home tours with y'all!!!  To kick off the fun before this delightful roundup of of creative  home sweet homes...I wanted to share with you a link to past home tours on my other blog. Just click the picture above and it will take you to the home tours. If you'd like you can read past posts too! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Awww Shucks! Support Your Local Farmer!

Shucks!!! I was productive today!
 We got 6 dozen fresh sweet corn from a farmer down the road...
I shucked, cleaned, scraped and cut 12 pints canned corn, 
8 quart freezer bags full of cut corn, along with a handful of cobs for the freezer!
 This will be great for my little family come Winter!

 I don't have my own crops of corn so I went to a local Farmer's home and bought from them. I try to make efforts to buy from my local Farmer's as often as possible. I am putting fresh, local grown produce on my table for my family while supporting the local farmer and his family, to put food on their table in return. It's a win win in my book!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Home Sweet Home Tours & Teatime Tuesdays

I'm excited to share with y'all...
I am going to be sharing some fun home tours with y'all this Fall and I am starting Teatime Tuesdays back up!!! So be sure to visit often as there is a great lineup of homes I have to share!!!

Tuesdays will be perfect days to grab a cup of tea and chat a while. And every so often I just blog a bunch of chicken scratch as I share the goings on & this & that's at Farmgirl Freckles!
Come on back ya hear! it's going to be fun!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


We are enjoying our new life in Indiana and loving our new church family. We are slowly getting more opportunities to explore around us too, which has been great. We went downtown with this darling couple who just got married less than a month ago. What a delight they are too! They took us to a local pizza joint and walked around for a while as the sun went down. 

I love, love, love old buildings and architecture...Some of these buildings are reallllly old. Next time we are downtown I will share better pictures taken with my camera...These horrible blurry pictures are from my phone. Sorry!

Until next time!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Last Days Of Summer

Well the end of Summer is here....It's time to get ready for Autumn days, good home cooked meals, soup suppers, school and sweaters of course. I am still filling up our Winter storage...I took a little break from canning the last couple weeks due to end of Summer colds that hit our home. But getting ready to finish up tomatoes and apples and probably will get some corn canned as well. I am also catching up on some barters I owe to a few gals since our move to Indiana. I recently received this sweet vintage feedsack quilted mug rug from a lady in Ohio!

My girl and I have been busy cooking and baking in the kitchen too! Now that the weather will be cooling down there will be a lot more of that on the homestead.

There's not much going on here other than that and school will be starting Thursday for my girl. This year she will be taking a handful of classes through a homeschool co op, we will cover a few things at home as well plus she joined an acting troupe. I feel it will be a good year ahead despite what we have gone through recently. Just so thankful for the new life God has bestowed to us here in a new state, a new home and church family. We feel loved and blessed beyond measure!