Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holly Jolly Christmas Cheer

This is my favorite time of the year! Christmas!!! I love decorating for it, making things and sending out Christmas wishes to my family. I have been prepping Christmas cards and letters to go out as well as my son's Christmas box. We are also making plans for our upcoming get together, which we are opening up our home to our church family/friends for a Christmas Cheer, Cookie Exchange & Hymn Sing Party. It will be a wonderful time spent with our new Church family indeed!

The Mooey Christmas cards I designed turned out pretty cute.. I will be sending these off to a few of my friends this year, as our family picture cards will go out to other friends and family. Can you believe Christmas is less than 20 days away already!? Are ya'll ready for it? I am secretly hoping for a white Christmas...We will see. We are expecting more snow soon! But sure would be fun to spend our first Christmas in Indiana with a blanket of snow on the ground!

Well, I am off to finish up some last minute things....See ya'll soon ya hear!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ SNOW

My girl and a couple of her friends rang the bell for Salvation Army to raise money for people in need over the weekend. Afterwards she spent the day with them, went to lunch, a basketball game and ice skating in the evening, though she is not a fan of ice skating! Sunday evening we went up to Michigan with church family to see Handel's Messiah....It was awesome! As the concert was going on it started to snow...lot's of it too! The ground was covered in blankets of soft white snow dust.

It was magical.. However driving home in it was pretty scary...With all the snow coming straight at you and the crazy fast semi truckers...Thankfully we made it back safe and sound.
 We came home to snow in our parts too! It was gorgeous.

Our little home looked so cozy nestled in between the trees with the snow covering. We stayed outside for a while and played in it too. A little bit of snowball fighting, frolicking through the yard and making a snow angel. We even made a 2 ft. snowman.

We went out the next morning to take our Christmas pictures so I could get our cards done. This is not the photo we chose for the card but gives you an idea of what our pictures turned out like. We are supposed to get more snow later in the week and possibly next week too! Time to get the cocoa out!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Community Service~ Christ Child Festival & Walking Through Bethlehem

A great way to be a part of your community is to volunteer your time. This year we thought since we are new to our town that we would be a part of some community Christmas programs. Last week my girl was a part of The Christ Child Festival and played the part of a pottery vendor in the streets of Bethlehem. She joined in the fun with her Fire & Light acting troupe in our local bigger city.

We also volunteered to be a part of our own downtown walk through Bethlehem along with a few of our friends from our church. I was a narrator for the Shepherds & Angel scene. It was a delight to see the local people in our little town/community come to hear the true story of the birth of Christ and to bring the gospel to hopefully many people who have never heard the good news! The girls made the sweetest Angels. Next up this weekend my girl will be ringing a bell in a shopping center with her acting troupe friends while singing Christmas carols and sharing some Christmas cheer. I am so happy she is so willing to be a part of the community in some wonderful ways. I pray that through this we will glorify God and bless many people by it this Christmas season!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Winter is almost here and Christmas is already right around the corner. It's hard to believe that we have been in Indiana just about 5 months now! We are so excited to celebrate Christmas here in our new place and with our church family. The day after Thanksgiving I dug out all my Christmas boxes. Everything made the move in tact except one vintage Santa mug fatality. 

Every year I like to try to make something Christmasy for our home. This year I made this sweet pillow for our living room. It was fun throwing it all together....
And it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! There are a couple more things I will be making for myself then I will be making a few handmade gifts!

The house is slowly getting decorated for Christmas. It's a lot of work going through everything and putting it out...Then deciding what to use and what not to use this year. I wanted to keep it semi simple.... I put up our tree, a small kitchen tree and a couple mini trees throughout the house. 

I put out my Santa collection as well as all my Santa mugs. Wow, my collection sure has grown in the last 10 years! Last year I even tried minimizing my Christmas stuff and donated a box...I'm thinking I may have to do it again this year. I will surely keep all my vintage stuff, but will have to get rid of other things that just don't have any meaning to us. 
Yet it is still hard to decide exactly what to give up.

I am liking the feel of what I put together so far...It's cheerful and has a bit of a vintage kitschy feel...I like it! Will share more...The house has been dark due to bad weather, but I will try to get some pictures. Come on back ya hear!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Home Sweet Home Tour~ Through The Seasons With Anna

Anna is a gal I follow on Instagram. She allowed me to take her pictures via Instagram to share here on my blog. I went through her pictures and decided to share her home through the seasons...There was too much pretty for me not to share...Her home is darling and her decorating is sweet. From  Spring to Summer, Fall and Winter, her home is warm, inviting and pleasantly decorated.

I love the idea of seasonal decorating. It gives you the chance to decorate 4 times a year, switching it out every few months. My kind of decorating since I get a little bored with the same things on my shelves for too long. Plus it's fun!!!

Every season there is something different to look at...It's quite charming don't you think? 

I do hope you enjoyed the pictures of her beautiful home. 
I also hope you have enjoyed the Home Sweet Home Tours this past many weeks. This will be it for now...I hope to be able to share more tours in the future. Thank you to all the ladies who allowed me to share their homes with you all. I wanted to give y'all some inspiration just as they give me.
 See y;all soon!