Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Eat Cake

Here is my second cake decorating attempt. 
All from scratch, gluten free chocolate raspberry cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting layered with lavender blueberry preserves, drizzled with chocolate gnache. And it was delightful!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Always Winter

We have been hit with a lotta Winter cold, a lotta, ice, and a whole lotta snow this year. It has been more like s months of Winter and supposedly Spring starts in a week. It's hard to believe at this point that we could ever have Spring. We didn't get Spring last year either. It went straight from Winter to Summer then back to a very short lived Fall into this very long Winter. It's pretty to look at but has not been pretty to go out in.

I am so over this weather. How about you? 
Whose ready for Springtime?

Naked Cake

I love baking and making things pretty but I didn't realize I may have a little knack for actually decorating cakes. I have made cakes but never really tried my hand at decorating techniques. I have been drawn to the beauty of the naked cake you see all over Pinterest that people do for weddings and such. I was also asked to do my son and fiance's cake for their upcoming wedding in May. An honor to be asked by them. I thought it may be a good idea to start practicing for it. My soon to be daughter in law requested the naked cake look. 

I did my first practice run the other day. I used a box cake mix for this..Mind you I will be doing their cake by scratch. This was a cheap alternative since it is a practice cake. The look of their cake will also be very different. Again, this is just for practice. And I am quite pleased that I made this thing. It looks professional...(i think) I have a couple months to practice...So I will definitely be baking many more. I even decided I would make our 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake and my birthday cake coming up in April. So I do have an excuse to have some cake...Right?

Who knows maybe this can turn into a lil side business. 
We will see. 

I made a homemade butter cream with the peach preserves I canned up this last Summer. It is layered with Basil Peach jam I also made, then drizzled with peach sauce...also, homemade. I think a cake from scratch would taste best...Cake mix cake is kinda eh..... Still very happy with the turnout. 

Did I Mention We Moved...

Wow..I have really neglected my blog. I probably did mention somewhere in the past few blogs that we had moved...Things got a little crazy around the holidays and now I am working too! Yes, we moved into a smaller nest. We decided not to buy the BIG old house...number one it really was not in a good area and number two it was too much to handle with issues. It honestly wouldn't have been good stewardship to purchase something that would take us under. It was a great choice. We downsized and got rid of a ton of stuff, and that always feels good! After all we will soon be empty nesters. Our daughter and her sweetheart are very serious. It's just a matter of time!

I realized however I have not blogged in some time so I thought I'd pop in and share a few snippets of our new little nest with you. I don't even know if I have any readers anymore, 
but here ya go. It's cute eh? I found a beautiful gray tuffted couch and chair... Definitely a fave. As time goes I will share more. There are still projects to finish up around here. 

So far we are very happy here..
It is small, humble, quaint and will be perfect for us!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas Was Had!!!

What a joy it was to have the kids here in their matching PJ's (from Zach's mom) opening our gifts from one another, together! I am more the sideline kinda gal. The one behind the camera watching and observing. It was wonderful! We all had a great Christmas this year! Very thoughtful gifts were given. Time spent with each other and later spent time with Zach's family for Christmas dinner. What a blessing to have his family here as our very own. We missed our son and his fiance but were able to facetime with them! Thank God for things like that! It helped a bit. Still would have loved for them to be here with us celebrating the birth of Christ and doing all the Christmas shenanigans!
We are so blessed! My heart is full!