Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Half Way Over

It;s hard to believe November is half way over already! It's been a busy first part of the month and now it will slow down in some ways which is nice. Thanksgiving is already a week away...This year my sweet hubby's birthday lands on Thanksgiving day. This year we will probably be spending it alone....Just the three of us. We don't have family here in Indiana....And was invited to a friends house...But this year is just hard for us. I am just not feeling up to hosting anything myself, let alone cooking really. We lost several loved ones this year and about to lose another family member at any moment...It's not that we are not thankful...We have so much to be thankful for. Some wonderful things have also happened this year too! We bought a home, we are happy and our daughter is in a very sweet relationship...We already consider him a part of our family. I pray that by Christmas we will feel in the spirit of the season...Especially praying for the new year to be a little less heavy. 

Enjoy your November!
I leave you with these cutie pies for now!