Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Plant Base

My husband recently found a new love for cooking. Over 20 years of marriage and he is now cooking. Just as some people can decorate beautifully, draw anything from their head, paint something out of this world, there are also those who can create awesome tasting dishes just by throwing stuff together. I never dreamed my husband could do this! He amazes me. He also decided to change his diet drastically after much reading and research. I have mostly been on the diet myself and lost 10 pounds. He has lost weight as well. Now for all three of us to get on board. Baby steps, but I am really loving it! We decided to go plant based. No meat, no dairy....

Lot's of greens, whole food, whole grain, beans, nuts, fruit, veggies, nut milks, rice milk and coconut milks are many of the foods we are now eating. We have been learning to make sauces from beans or even a bit of tofu and other ingredients. I never thought I would say that word. I guess you can call this way of eating, Vegan. Which it pretty much is for the most part. Do I miss meat or dairy...Not really... I actually had a couple bites of turkey this Thanksgiving and I didn't like it...The Turkey was good, but my taste buds were like...Um no.

I have cut out soda and trying to eat less sugar as well. Some recipes are difficult especially if you would normally use an egg or butter ..So learning the substitutes have been an interesting challenge. We are not doing this as a fad...We are doing this for our health...And in hopes to lose weight by eating this way. We are not worried about getting enough calcium or protein since a lot of this type of food is very high in protein, as nut milks are higher in calcium than cows milk believe it or not. 

I'm so excited to learn new dishes to make and sample more and more of my husbands good food. Even more excited to see the results. Another example of this way of eating that has helped is my husband was able to get off a certain medication which doctors made it out like he would need it for the rest of his life. Guess what? They were wrong!! 
The benefits of eating whole and plant based are out of this world!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

We ended up getting out for Thanksgiving. I am glad we did. After such a rough few months, I think we needed to just get out with friends and be thankful for the abundance & bounty The Good Lord bestows on us. so grateful for the sweet family who opened their home and hearts to our family and made us feel like we were a part of theirs. We are truly blessed beyond measure!

So very thankful for my lil family, our kiddo's and our friends!
Hope y'all had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Half Way Over

It;s hard to believe November is half way over already! It's been a busy first part of the month and now it will slow down in some ways which is nice. Thanksgiving is already a week away...This year my sweet hubby's birthday lands on Thanksgiving day. This year we will probably be spending it alone....Just the three of us. We don't have family here in Indiana....And was invited to a friends house...But this year is just hard for us. I am just not feeling up to hosting anything myself, let alone cooking really. We lost several loved ones this year and about to lose another family member at any moment...It's not that we are not thankful...We have so much to be thankful for. Some wonderful things have also happened this year too! We bought a home, we are happy and our daughter is in a very sweet relationship...We already consider him a part of our family. I pray that by Christmas we will feel in the spirit of the season...Especially praying for the new year to be a little less heavy. 

Enjoy your November!
I leave you with these cutie pies for now!