Sunday, January 29, 2017

Peter Pan On Stage

The past four months my daughter has been working very hard on The Peter Pan Play along with her acting troupe. It has been a huge blessing for her to be a part of this wonderful group of home schooled, Christian kids. The directors are awesome ladies...With the help of many people making and painting sets, sewing costumes, etc... Well The play finally got to perform on stage...They did three shows and the auditorium was packed full... These teens did an excellent job!!! I'm a proud Momma! I didn't get the best of pictures due to the fact my lens does not work well for distance photos...But wanted to share anyway. You can at least get a little idea and glimpse into the kids on stage. My daughter played the part of Liza the maid and one of the Pirates...It was so fun seeing her up there with her friends, acting her little heart out! Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ball Jars

Ball & Mason jars have so many uses besides good ole canning with them. Here is a little list of fun things you can do with these jars.

1. Put sweet blooms in them as a vase
2. Use for lunches and snacks
3. A pencil holder
4. Storing food/spices
5.  For art supplies 
6. Paint them and fill them as gifts
7. Bathroom supplies
8. Drinking glasses
9. Terrarium
10. You can bake in them

There are hundreds of awesome ideas to get you started on Pinterest!

I also love that the Ball Jar was originally manufactured in my new home state of Indiana!!!
Here are some of my fave pictures that I have taken of my jars.