Saturday, January 21, 2017

Adventures Of Little Farmgirl Freckles

Today I had a little creative fun making some vignettes with little things and miniatures. It was actually kinda fun going through my things and setting up little scenes. My favorites are the couple I made of my childhood memories. 

When I was a little girl I raised chickens...They were my joy and muse. I will always remember my little hen Dusty who would follow me everywhere, ride on the handlebars of my bicycle, ride our horse perched up on the saddle, and sleeping in my bed. I loved her so! 
This little vignette is my childhood memory. 

One more childhood memory vignette. When I was a young girl I witnessed my horses birth...She was a beautiful little Appaloosa Filly....When she was old enough and trained I had the joy of riding her once, then my dad sold her. It's a precious moment I will always remember. Sad I didn't get to enjoy her longer... But we were going through some hard times after my parents parted ways.
I think I will make more little scenes here and there...Hee Hee....Aren't they cute??

Happy Weekend friends!

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