Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Take Root

I'm looking forward to this coming year being a year I take root. The past several years have been quite the storm, throwing my little family to and fro, just like little trees getting blown over in the wind. 2014-2015 was surely the year of Perseverance & 2016 was the year of Providence. The good Lord Providentially brought us out of  a lot turmoil and pain....We had the opportunity to heal and revive and get back on our feet with the help of  Our Lord & our wonderful Church family. Now that we have been here 6 months getting our rhythm down and it being a New Year...I am looking to 2017 being the year we Take Root and Grow. 
We weathered the storm and storms make trees take deeper roots.

I have thought and prayed long and hard with how I will spend my time healing, rooting and growing this year. I have started by getting my overall self checked thoroughly by the doctor. I have struggled with heart palpitations, migraines, chronic headaches, vertigo, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, lack of desire to do anything, tingling and electric shocks in my head and more. I wanted to make sure there was nothing going on or at least something I should know about. But with tests, scans and more tests, so far they don't see anything underlying. But, to me there is something going on that a test just can't tell you nor a band aid can fix....So the next step for me is to get more in tune with my own body, since I am the only one who really knows how I feel. I have several ideas to try to ease my symptoms as naturally as possible and heal my body with natural remedies. Like using essential oils, natural products, natural homemade things that can ease symptoms. I am also going to up my doses of vitamin D and Vitamin B12 in liquid forms..Which will help a lot , especially during these dark Wintry days. I will also begin daily routine and regimes using these natural remedies. This is the first and foremost thing I need to work on and that is getting myself well...We even joined the Y.... where we will get some exercise and where I plan to take classes doing yoga and relaxation. I also plan on drinking more WATER to flush out toxins from my body.

Another big thing this year will be eliminating even more processed foods and sugar from our diet. That doesn't mean we can't splurge here and there, but making things from whole foods and from scratch as much as possible. Will I fail????....Maybe sometimes...But If I keep in mind that I wish to grow this year...I am going to have to buck up and get rooted. Taking root also means to work on our spiritual growth as well. As a family we are going to begin our regular devotions, as we are also going through the whole Bible In A Year plan. I will also continue my Bible Journaling and Writing Scripture Verses to reflect on. We will also attend our Friday night Bible study, I hope to Pray more regularly for others too!!! A great book to go through, which prompts the order of prayers is called Face To Face....One more important thing we will continually work on is the people we engage with. I have learned so much over the years that weeding out unhealthy, toxic people from my life made my life drama free, less stressful and has made our lives so much more healthy and happy. This included weeding out toxic family members & friends...Nothing I am proud of but had to be done for our well being. So dear readers...This year I will take root, do more of what I love to do, sow seeds, grow...and work hard on keeping myself and my family happy, healthy and whole! How about you??


  1. Love you sweet friend. Praying that 2017 will be filled with blessings for you and your family!

    1. Thank you Nadine...That means the world to me!!! Love ya too friend!!!! I pray the same for you and your family!!!!

  2. I am doing a lot of the same, I truly believe if we don't give up we don't fail! I love you sissy, I love your passion.