Monday, January 9, 2017

Beat The Winter Blues With Liquid Gold

I received this lovely quart jar of liquid gold from one of my sweet sisters at church. I have many plans for this honey this Winter and thought I would share some of the things I will be using it for. These projects are to inspire y'all to get your hands sticky and beat the Winter blues. They will benefit you, mind, body and soul. The benefits of honey are amazing! You can use honey for medicinal purposes, stress relief, sleep aid, weight loss, boost your metabolism, skin care, hair care, and so much more! It's amazing! You can eat it straight from the jar, use it in food recipes, make health aid concoctions, and beauty concoctions. Here is a list and their links of the few things I will use my honey for. Hope this inspires you too!

With Winter upon us, the dry cold wind and weather can really take a toll on your lips, face and skin...Try these fab recipes to nourish your body and give it moisture with healing properties.

 1. Honey Whipped Hand Cream ( I'd use it on my whole body)

Winter also brings on the sore throats and sniffles...
Let's use honey to relieve some of your symptoms!

When it's cold and dark outside, why not make a delightful hot cup of goodness and enjoy while reading your bible, a good book, watching your favorite show or movie...Snuggle down in a snugly afghan or quilt, curl up on the couch or your fave chair and sip on this!!!!

Stay Warm, Bee Happy!!!
We can get through this Winter together!


  1. They also say burning a beeswax candle helps the atmosphere and sense of peace in a home. I believe it works & when I was feeling stressed at my job, I used one there as well. Bees really are amazing!

    1. They sure are! I will have to get a hold of beeswax candles to try it out.... thank you so much and thank you also for stopping by!