Saturday, April 13, 2019

My Birthday Cake

This year I made my own birthday cake! 
Isn't it a beauty???

Gluten Free red velvet with raspberry preserves, raspberry curd, and chocolate pudding layers...And iced with buttercream/cream cheese frosting. Oh YUMMMMY!

It's My Birthday

It;s another year gone by and a year older. We went to The Cork and Cleaver with the kids and had fantastic steaks...Saw Dumbo and went back home to blow out all 23 candles...LOL....

My hubby and the kids got me flowers and gifts.....
I am blessed and that is all I really can say about it! I had also received some sweet messages from my son and Soon to be Daughter in law...My son called and sang to me too!!!  Awww my heart!!!

No words to say but Blessed!!!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Snippets Of Michigan & World's Largest Cherry Pie Tin

Frankfort Beach & Lighthouse

And here is another day we went out for a drive...Just about 45 minutes away from our cottage cabin we went to see Frankfort Lighthouse. We would have walked the boardwalk to get closer but there was a huge iceberg on the walk. And yet again it was another rainy and very cold day. We really could only handle a little bit out in in then ran back to the car to thaw out. We then found a little restaurant in Traverse City and had lunch. Then headed back to the cabin for a little rest,
 a fire and games.