Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Last Days Of Summer

Well the end of Summer is here....It's time to get ready for Autumn days, good home cooked meals, soup suppers, school and sweaters of course. I am still filling up our Winter storage...I took a little break from canning the last couple weeks due to end of Summer colds that hit our home. But getting ready to finish up tomatoes and apples and probably will get some corn canned as well. I am also catching up on some barters I owe to a few gals since our move to Indiana. I recently received this sweet vintage feedsack quilted mug rug from a lady in Ohio!

My girl and I have been busy cooking and baking in the kitchen too! Now that the weather will be cooling down there will be a lot more of that on the homestead.

There's not much going on here other than that and school will be starting Thursday for my girl. This year she will be taking a handful of classes through a homeschool co op, we will cover a few things at home as well plus she joined an acting troupe. I feel it will be a good year ahead despite what we have gone through recently. Just so thankful for the new life God has bestowed to us here in a new state, a new home and church family. We feel loved and blessed beyond measure!

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  1. I really love your cow picture in your home! It matches your wall color perfectly, the space perfectly, and the MOO is such a fun touch!