Saturday, September 10, 2016

Awww Shucks! Support Your Local Farmer!

Shucks!!! I was productive today!
 We got 6 dozen fresh sweet corn from a farmer down the road...
I shucked, cleaned, scraped and cut 12 pints canned corn, 
8 quart freezer bags full of cut corn, along with a handful of cobs for the freezer!
 This will be great for my little family come Winter!

 I don't have my own crops of corn so I went to a local Farmer's home and bought from them. I try to make efforts to buy from my local Farmer's as often as possible. I am putting fresh, local grown produce on my table for my family while supporting the local farmer and his family, to put food on their table in return. It's a win win in my book!!!!

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