Monday, September 12, 2016

Home Tours From My Old Blog

Many of my readers know that I had a blog before this one....Called Frolicking Freckles. I started that blog back in 2007 when my kids were younger...It was a mod podge of homeschooling, family, life  and such...It was unfortunate that I had to end that blog due to a few stalkers. I know crazy right! Sad but true!!! I thought switching to another space would be safe, but these stalkers were diligent and still managed to find my new blog too! I know, desperate huh? I just hope that if they are still lurking that they are enjoying themselves. I personally don't care anymore...What can you do?  I just never thought someone would be so desperate to know the goings on with our life. So if my stalkers are reading, I am sending out a hello to you! 

 So here we are!! Come November it will be a year of blogging here.
As mentioned in a recent post the other day I am going to share some fun home tours with y'all!!!  To kick off the fun before this delightful roundup of of creative  home sweet homes...I wanted to share with you a link to past home tours on my other blog. Just click the picture above and it will take you to the home tours. If you'd like you can read past posts too! Enjoy!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading through your old blog! I can really relate to your journey.

  2. How sad that some people can't just get the message and move on. I am glad to be following all your posts and hopefully not in a stalker way!! I saw your comment on my IG post of Jenn's pooches and I'd love to do a swap with you possible for christmas time if you are up for it? Love to all HelenShie