Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fixing Yourself Up

I am a stay at home mom, I homeschool my daughter, so working at home usually doesn't entail me to get fixed up everyday. I could wear pajamas all day long, heck all week long really. There have been many times I have been neglectful of fixing myself up, except for Sunday/Church day of course.

I guess you can say we get into a pattern of "who cares". When really you should care. In the last couple of years I have made more efforts to fix myself up. Number one reason, Because I should be a good steward of my own body and self...Not for me but it is honoring to God. The second huge reason to fix yourself up is for your spouse. We tend to get into ruts sometimes after being married for a long time. But, why should we neglect looking pretty and kept for the one we love? I know my husband appreciates it when I fix my hair, put on a bit of makeup, get dressed, or wear some nice perfume. And yes, you can do it for yourself too..
It makes you feel good and pretty inside and outside.

It's also fun to learn some new ways to wear your hair...If your into that sort of thing. I have grown my hair out the last couple of years. My husband had expressed how much he loves long hair. I had usually kept it just below my jaw line or to my shoulders. But, what I really wanted was to please my husband and so I grew my hair out. He doesn't love me any more or any less for it or how I kept my length before...And he doesn't force me to wear it a certain way...It was just something he expressed and I wanted to make him happy. I like it too...It has been years since I have had my hair longer than shoulder length. Anyways....I have been experimenting different hairdos for fun...And my husband loves it too. My recent experiments have been up dos and victory rolls from the 40's. An era I have always loved and have been drawn to. It truly just makes me happy that my husband appreciates my efforts. A sentiment of my love for him and to show him I care about him and myself just as the days we were dating, It just take a few minutes to fix your hair and put on a little makeup! So, get out there ladies...fix yourself up and dress to impress your husband everyday or at least several times a week...Since well, I still do love my jammie days! You'll be glad you did.....Trust me!!!

Wanna try some vintage styles and victory rolls? I found several video tutorials on how to do the do through YouTube. Just search victory rolls or vintage hairstyles. 
They are beautiful, classy and timeless!


  1. Mica I love your hair! You are so pretty and still model material after all these years and yes, I agree. Fixing yourself up is so important for your self esteem. Makes you feel pretty and makes hubby happy. I have always fixed myself up. Once in awhile when Alan is out of town I stay in my jammies and don't fix myself up but I can't do that everyday. I would NEVER leave the house without fixing my hair and makeup. I would scare too many people ! LOL Love you my daughter!!

  2. 40s style looks good on you! I have always gotten dressed and fixed myself up- it makes me feel good. Love you!

  3. So important to take care of yourself, I completely agree. And, I love the 40s style hairdos!