Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chicken Scratch~Chicken Scratch

This week I have been lending a helping hand on The Farmer & His Wife's homestead, tending to their chickens and gathering eggs & veggies from the garden. Despite getting the flu/and really bad upper respiratory cold, I have to go do the work... The hardest part really has been trudging through the mud and the large garden...My lungs can't take too much...But I have managed to do pretty well.

Of course my favorite part is spending time with the chickens and feeding them. They are the cutest little critters. It has brought me back to the days I grew up having chickens.....

It has been a delight to bring all the eggs home for my family and the veggies as well. The Farmer has been very gracious to us with his bounty. We are so blessed.
Anytime they need my help...I will be there!

Just a reminder dear readers...
The Home Sweet Home Tours start next week!!! 
Come on back ya hear!!!!

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  1. Great photos! A fun badge to earn and great connection with friends.