Friday, August 26, 2016

Pickles Cafe'

So excited to find this little hidden gem not to far from our new home. I am in love with the menu and the little shop upstairs and the vintage shop out back. A quaint lil place secluded in a small town surrounded by little homes and farms. It's the perfect place for a lunch and shopping all in one. 

I ordered a hammy & cheese smothered in apple butter panini... This will be a new favorite, regular place to visit with y girl, or friends and even a sweet date with Mr. Darling. Saturdays they serve breakfast...Will have to check it out. If your ever in Indiana near Fort Wayne look up Pickles...
It won't disappoint!

I came home with this fun old egg carton and a colorful linen towel from the 40's.
I already have a list of a few items I want to go back for. Until then...
Have a Happy Weekend!


  1. I know where I want to eat when I visit you! Looks like a really neat place. Do they sell pickles too?!

  2. These must be made into note cards and sold!!!!! Wonderful photos!!!