Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chicken Scratch

What a blessing! Our new church family got together and planned a surprise 16th birthday for our daughter! It was wonderful...A secret I kept from her for three weeks...And boy was she so surprised!!! We have never felt so much love from one church in many years, until now. A prayer I have had for so long. We have felt so out of place for a long time and we had felt like we were literally wandering the dessert...But God is so good...In His time He reveals much...And it has taken a while to get to where we are now. We felt it instantly when we visited months ago....That this was it! Finally the place for us, and the people for us, it felt so right, we felt the genuine love of so many...
We made them all instantly our family! In return they have made us theirs!

Many of these delightful souls, I have felt as if I have known them for years...They too have expressed the same. It feels so good to fit in and just be loved and not judged or watched over like a hawk. These people genuinely love the Lord, and they are real down to earth caring people who just simply want to serve along with us with no strings or motives attached.
 I am so happy that we can just be ourselves!

So far we have had a lot of fellowship. We have been invited to homes and places, gone to two weddings, the zoo ( which was fun).... In such a short time we have connected to these precious saints like never before. We are so blessed to be here along side fellow believers who just wish to learn, serve and be together loving one another in the name of Christ.

We have put the old behind us and ready to dive into this new life in a new place with people I am blessed to call my brothers and sisters. Thanks be to God for hearing our prayers and bringing us to this new place! We are so in love with everything about it! 


  1. What a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Welcome to the Midwest! It looks lie you have a well-deserved warm welcome.