Monday, August 15, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ The Homestead Is Almost Up And Running!

We have made a lot of progress our first month here in Indiana! Our homestead is almost up and running and functioning. We have been doing a lot of deep cleaning and painting, setting up the necessities and getting ready for more order. I managed to go through our belongings and set aside things we don't need for re sale or donation. I have found a place for almost everything. Just working on a few lingering items and trying to find room. 

Our little farm bedroom is all set up, painted and decorated with treasured photos of our grandparents. The room is very tiny but perfect really. 
We simply need a place to lie our head down at night.

The kitchen is also finally up and running!!!! We had to purchase a new stove/oven...Since the one left in the house was burned to a crisp inside the oven. Not sure but it didn't look safe nor did it look hygienic to even bake in. We chose the matching stove to our refrigerator. Can't wait to make many cherished suppers and desserts in this little kitchen for family and friends..And to preserve good wholesome food for my little family. 

Speaking of preserving food. I was able to preserve some veggies that were given to us. I canned Green beans, zucchini, spicy zucchini salsa, sweet dill pickles, and basil peach jam. I will also be making some relish, pickled zucchini and squash, and zucchini salsa verde. 

So happy we will have a few goodies for Winter...But I am so looking forward to our very own garden on our homestead next Spring. We have plans for it just beyond the clothesline.


  1. I am so happy for you guys, I could burst!!! Thank you, Lord!

  2. Wish we were up and running. Still in major home renovations but all the floors are done on the first floor! Love the bedroom. Very bright and relaxing!

  3. Looks very homey and cheerful and alot of great veggies!!Love you

  4. Your new home is so pretty and looks very warm and welcoming. I love your pile of quilts and the cow picture!!