Monday, December 5, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ SNOW

My girl and a couple of her friends rang the bell for Salvation Army to raise money for people in need over the weekend. Afterwards she spent the day with them, went to lunch, a basketball game and ice skating in the evening, though she is not a fan of ice skating! Sunday evening we went up to Michigan with church family to see Handel's Messiah....It was awesome! As the concert was going on it started to snow...lot's of it too! The ground was covered in blankets of soft white snow dust.

It was magical.. However driving home in it was pretty scary...With all the snow coming straight at you and the crazy fast semi truckers...Thankfully we made it back safe and sound.
 We came home to snow in our parts too! It was gorgeous.

Our little home looked so cozy nestled in between the trees with the snow covering. We stayed outside for a while and played in it too. A little bit of snowball fighting, frolicking through the yard and making a snow angel. We even made a 2 ft. snowman.

We went out the next morning to take our Christmas pictures so I could get our cards done. This is not the photo we chose for the card but gives you an idea of what our pictures turned out like. We are supposed to get more snow later in the week and possibly next week too! Time to get the cocoa out!!!

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  1. Your house looks so cozy between those snow covered trees.
    Stay warm and off the icy roads.
    You all look so happy and sweet. Loving Indiana!!
    Love you all