Friday, December 2, 2016

Community Service~ Christ Child Festival & Walking Through Bethlehem

A great way to be a part of your community is to volunteer your time. This year we thought since we are new to our town that we would be a part of some community Christmas programs. Last week my girl was a part of The Christ Child Festival and played the part of a pottery vendor in the streets of Bethlehem. She joined in the fun with her Fire & Light acting troupe in our local bigger city.

We also volunteered to be a part of our own downtown walk through Bethlehem along with a few of our friends from our church. I was a narrator for the Shepherds & Angel scene. It was a delight to see the local people in our little town/community come to hear the true story of the birth of Christ and to bring the gospel to hopefully many people who have never heard the good news! The girls made the sweetest Angels. Next up this weekend my girl will be ringing a bell in a shopping center with her acting troupe friends while singing Christmas carols and sharing some Christmas cheer. I am so happy she is so willing to be a part of the community in some wonderful ways. I pray that through this we will glorify God and bless many people by it this Christmas season!

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  1. So wonderful to volunteer and it is a gift in many ways that reflects a good life. Must admit that I would have tried to take that camel for a ride! Now that would be an adventure!