Friday, December 9, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside

We got our 2016 cards made for family and friends/church family. And happy to report this is the first time in like...ever that I got the cards done early. Usually I am getting them out a handful of days before Christmas! Not this year!! Mr. Darling, Bumble Bee and I were thrilled to have snow for our Christmas pictures this year! I am pretty thrilled with how colorful they turned out! I hung a colorful quilt on our clothesline out back...which really added some fun festive pops of color.

It snowed all day the other day and looks like we are in for more with freezing cold temperatures! Yikes!!! Baby it's cold outside! Yet, I must confess I am loving every minute of it...We just bundle up, wear sweaters and drink a lot of hot drinks to keep thee ole' bones warmed up. After spending the last 8 years back in (HOT) California & living in Washington for 10 years, I really missed the colder, snowy four seasoned weather. I am secretly hoping for a white Christmas too! lol....

My daughter had an idea to take these sweet pics. in town...A wall that say's COLD...adorable with her standing in front of it while it's snowing. My hands just about fell off taking these pictures... But hey for a photo op with the girl...It's worth it! Keep warm y'all... 
I think this Winter just might be a doozie!!!

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