Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cherished Christmas Past

One thing I cherish deeply is Christmas time with my children. Forever the childlike magic will always embody me. We have some wonderful memories of Christmas no matter how poor we were in the beginning years as a young couple with our babes. It didn't matter to them weather they got the biggest, newest fad. It was the little things, the homemade things and the joy of celebrating something very meaningful and important to us. Our faith plays a huge part in this celebration. The good news! The birth of Christ, the ultimate reason for the season! These are the things I pray we instilled properly in our children's hearts to keep with them for their own families in the future.

I miss my children being little. Time sure has flown by. This is our 4th year of Christmas with our son living out of state. It is the hardest of times for me. Yet, I hold the fondest of memories of instilling traditions, doing activities and being together during this special occasion. I pray that in the near future of Christmas' that he will be able to come home to spend it with us again. I have however kept to our special traditions as our daughter is still home with us. Something will always be missing though, because we are all apart.

I am prepping a Christmas package to go out to our son...And trying real hard to make this Christmas extra special in our new state and new home and with our new church family. It will be a small Christmas as far as presents go, but it will be huge in so many other ways.

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