Monday, December 12, 2016

We Love Snowmen

Yes, We love Snowmen!!!
One magical thing to do in the snow is definitely building a snowman. Through the years when we lived in Washington my kids enjoyed the activity. These first few pictures bring me down memory lane of their childhood. They were so little back then. I remember as if it were yesterday when my son and I built the family of snowmen together...
Each one represented us with our actual hats were placed on top of their heads.

Then, the year my kids built one together...Oh the teamwork that went into him. 
He even had a snow top hat! They were so proud!!!

The one above was built by me and my kids...He was reminiscent of Jack Frost from the movie! 
One of my favorite Christmas movies....I cry every time!
The next handful of pictures are from this year....Our first snow in Indiana!
 Mr. Darling and my girl made the one below. He is adorable!


The last couple of snowmen were built by myself. A silly guy and gal! 
There will be more snowmen in the making as we are supposed to get dumped with more snow.
 Next one will be bigger!


  1. Love that snowman family Mica. So cute
    They are all adorable and Im sure a lot of fun to make
    Keep those mittens on and get the hot chocolate ready!
    Fun times!!