Friday, June 24, 2016

Chicken Scratch 6/24/16

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here.... Yet, I don't wish to bore y'all with the details. However I will share some recent finds and as well as a couple things I have been into as of late. I ran across a pretty bluish/greenish vintage apron and floral smock at the 
thrift along with this fun old red cookie tin.

Though I am thinking of using the floral fabric in projects, hence I love it so much! My friend Eva gave me his quirky pig watering can...I can't wait to use him....Isn't he fun?

I wanted to share a couple fun publications that are delightfully filled with Southern food! I can't wait to cook in a proper kitchen soon...I have to make some of these awesome recipes...If you don't have cast iron pans, I highly recommend them. They are heavy duty and you can bake with them as well. 

Another recent thrift find were these salt and pepper shakers...If they are cute enough I will and am known to adopt ones that don't have their pair. Like the little ducky who was orphaned. The others are adorable too. My daughter is going to put the cactus shakers in her hope chest. And, look at the little Mexican guy's! I am so going to have a taco dinner in the future and use them as festive decor...Along with some linens I have in my collection that have an embroidered Mexican theme on it. 
It will be adorable!

I also picked up some vintage feed sack fabrics to use in projects. Feed sack fabric is one of my ultimate favorites to use in stuff....So colorful!!!

I also pulled out my watercolors last week and painted this fun little happy farm scene.
I also designed & ordered a FREE book which Shutterfly advertises every year. I decided this years book will be filled with some farmy charm pictures I have shared on my blog or on my Instagram.

I love having little books filled with photos that we can flip through once in a while. Pictures and memories will be cherished for years to come. 

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