Friday, December 11, 2015

Thoughtful Gift Giving For The Baker In Your Life

My Great Grandmother and Grandmother's were very good cooks and bakers. I grew up eating pretty well during the holidays. Throughout the years I too have found a love for baking. I wanted to come up with a thoughtful gift geared for the baker in your life. Here are some ideas to pull together a one of a kind gift from your heart to someone who loves homemaking and baking. I found a very large mixing bowl and filled it with stuff. I started off by putting in a vintage apron then a couple cook books. Next I added in a vintage recipe box...You can fill it with recipe card and fill out a few of your family favorite recipes for the gift recipient to bake,

I added in a lovely pot holder, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, a small rolling pin, baking cupcake liners, a darling salt and pepper shaker set and a pie bird for perfect pie making.

You can be creative and add in measuring cups, baking goodies & sprinkles, kitschy kitchen towels or anything that has to do with baking. I went with mostly vintage items I have collected through thrifting or antique shopping. You can find cute vintage kitchen items on Ebay or Etsy too!

There are many fun cookbooks, baking books or vintage books available in thrift shops, book stores, Ebay and Etsy or Amazon. Use your creative thinking and fill your bowl with goodies galore. After filling your container with your baking goodies you can wrap it up with some gift wrap cellophane and slap a bow around it...Voila the perfect, thoughtful gift for a special person in your life!
 Have fun shopping!

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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