Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Childhood Christmas

Well Elwyn Elf was at it again...What a naughty Elf he is this year!!! Ole' St. Nick was just about to deliver coal to this naughty lil elf and our elf turned the tables on Santa! He trapped in and taped his mouth, then place the coal on top of the lid so Santa couldn't get out! I don't think Elwyn will be on Santa's good list for quite some time!

This morning we caught Elwyn taking selfies of himself. 
Just a few more days of this behavior is all I can handle...

I was reminiscing some of the memories I hold in my heart when I was a little girl. There are a handful of Christmas seasons I remember and will hold dear. It is unfortunate there are any lost memories of my childhood due to the moving around we did, I just can't place some of the memories with time or place. But Christmas was certainly a special time for me. Tell me your special Christmas memory, I'd love to hear!

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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