Saturday, December 12, 2015

Creative Gift Wrapping For The Crafty Person

Who loves gifts? I would think everyone likes to give or receive a gift. You can get creative with your gift wrapping which makes the gift your giving unique & special too! Just a little thinking outside the box, a little inspiration and creativity and your package will be beautiful!

I love old tins, baskets, jars, paper sacks, and ordinary containers for gift giving. Fill a vintage tin with cookies and sweets, or crafty goodness and wrap the tin with twine/baking twine, an ornament or bell, paper doilies, ribbons etc... Here I used an old tin and filled with with crafty stuff and wrapped it with the twines, paper doily, a bit of sewing measuring tape and old gingham ribbon.

I used an old pattern directions insert and wrapped this gift with it and red twine, a bit of sewing measuring tape, white jingle bell and small doll dress on a hanger. You can use newspaper, brown paper for wrapping boxes, plain white wrapping paper or fill paper sacks or gift bags with old pattern tissue. I have used yarn for wrapping, homemade tags using 
old Christmas cards or ornaments to decorate the package.

Look at my last two posts for thoughtful gift giving ideas for a baker or seamstress. See how I used an old sewing basket and a large mixing bowl for packaging my gifts.

Hope you find inspiration! Happy wrapping!!!

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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