Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our Christmas Kitchen & Elwyn The Mischievous Christmas Elf

I forgot I told y'all I would share Christmas in my kitchen last week. So here it is. Our great room is the kitchen, dining and living room in one space. It isn't a huge kitchen to share so I snapped a handful of shots for you to see. I put together this adorable centerpiece for the dining table today. I used what I had on hand and cut some greenery that was in our back yard. 

I started with a large enamel bowl on the bottom and place a small cake stand inside and put a enamel spring form cake pan on top of the stand. Then I placed a smaller green enamel cake/jello mold on top of the cake form pan. Inside the top smaller mold pan I placed a glass jar in. Then I filled each tier with fresh greenery from outside, vintage glass ornaments, and 
some vintage ornaments/bottle brush trees along with my lil green elf.

I actually decorated pretty sparse this year due to too much going on in our life at the moment. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, yet still festive for my family to enjoy.

Beware of what you are about to see!
 Our spry little Elf, Elwyn is back this year and already started wreaking havoc.... 

Yes he did! He is being quite naughty...leaving not so nice presents. Come back every day before Christmas and see what tricks he has up his sleeves. 
This is going to be quite interesting to say the least.

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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  1. What a naughty little elf...haha...I have always liked your decorating style. Sometimes less is just right. We are moving to San Diego from Escondido. We found literally the Lord found us a 3 bedroom house with a large backyard We are so grateful not to be in an apt type house again. The Lord God is so gracious. As I think I told you, we are part of a core group of people planting a church in downtown San Diego. Please pray for us and I do for you all. This is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing.
    Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all too