Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Farmgirl

Just a few days till Christmas I thought I'd put together a few last minute gift ideas for a farmgirl. These gifts are perfect for other occasions too! So keep these in mind for future reference. The first gift idea I put together I am calling:

~The Farmers Wife Gift~

I started with a vintage Pyrex bowl called Butterprint. It is one of my favorite prints adorned with a Farmer and his wife. The colors are pretty too. So I decided to pull together a gift that went with the color of the bowl. I bought this sweet Butterprint dish towel from a gal on Instagram but found another shop on Etsy called Fresh Pastry Stand where you can get one yourself. Just click link. I placed the towel in first then filled the bowel with the other goodies. I picked up a bottle of my favorite kitchen spray: Mrs. Meyer's Basil Scent. You can find them in Target or online through ePantry. I also added The Farmers Wife handmade Lavender Citrus body butter and soap. I found mine at Nob Hill Market/Riley's...But you can order here The Farmers Wife. Lastly I added a handmade crocheted hot pad and a fun little wooden sign. 
What Farm Girl wouldn't love this special gift!!!??

Next up a fun little gift!!!

~The Barn Silo~

If you know me, I like gifts that have a theme... I had this Fisher Price Barn Silo on hand and thought...How cute would that be to fill it up with treats! The perfect gift for a Farmgirl who some Farmkids at heart. Go to and search Fisherprice Barn Silo. I filled it with sweet treats, wrapped bakers twine around it with a little plastic cow and a vintage milk top. I found the Cow Tales at the Dollar Tree...You can also find them online through 
Amazon or the company that makes them at Goetze's

The last gift idea for that special farmgirl will be sure to put a smile on her face!

~Farmgirl Basket~

I used a large old berry basket for the container and filled it with Mrs. Meyer's Radish surface spray, Burt's Bees Besswax Lip Balm, a little wind up cow toy, a gingham coin pouch, Utterly Smooth hand cream, homemade Apple Pie sugar scrub, a vintage tea towel and hot pad, 
and a jar for drinks filled with Cow Tales. 

I found the candy, Utterly Smooth hand lotion & the little cow toy  were from The Dollar Tree, The Mrs. Meyer's spray & Burt's Bees Lip Balm and gingham coin pouch from Target, the vintage hot pad & tea towel were thrifted and the "Oh Kale Yeah" drinking jar was found at Nob Hill Market/Riley's but you can use a regular ball jar to fill candy in. I also added my homemade Apple Pie Sugar Scrub made in my kitchen and packed it into a jam jar. There are many fun recipes you can find yourself online or through Pinterest. 

The last gift idea is just as sweet.

~Vintage Kitchen Linens~

I have collected many vintage kitchen linens. What Farmgirl wouldn't love to have a stack of beautiful lines for her kitchen? Collect a lovely stack of linens found in thrift shops, antique shops, or online through Etsy. The best part of this gift is that it's wrapped in a very old flour paper sack. You can find these similar online. Even old linen flour, sugar or rice bags would be great for wrapping gifts such as this. Be creative! I simply filled the old flour sack with the linens and wrapped twine around it. Add a tag and a paper doily...Voila! A beautiful yet thoughtful gift.

I hope this inspires you! Happy gifting!

Love, The Freckled Farmgirl

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