Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Thrifting Adventure

One of my favorite things to do is to shop...Not the mall or fancy store shopping...I love thrift shopping! I love finding a great deal, saving money and adding to my vintage collections. I don't care much for the new modern stuff..I love old stuff! There is so much more charm...Especially when you find things that were made by someones hands many many years ago. I have a system when I go hunting for stuff. And I know what I like or what I am looking for. If it's decent priced and I like it enough, I usually put it in my cart. I don't just buy anything however. I am known for leaving a lot behind. My thinking is will I use it in my home or crafts? Or can I resale it in my shop? Do I really love it or collect it or need it? Some people would probably say I don't need it. Maybe I don't...But I will use it and or enjoy it. Some of it I will pick up and pack away for the future as I plan selling vintage goods. The best thing is I don't really spend a lot!
 I am all for being frugal and a better steward of our money.

From these thrift scores...Most everything was priced .50 cents,
 .75 cents up to $2-$3 dollars a piece. yes, dirt cheap treasures!

The most I spent on this weekend thrift hunt was for the 1950's picnic basket I found...It was a whopping $8 bucks!!! Yes really! These baskets go for a lot more online or in antique shops..It was a great score. I can't wait to have picnics with my family when the weather is warm enough...It is a huge basket that will carry everything in it. I found the adorable Mary Engelbreit straw hat with faux fruit for a couple bucks....It will be a perfect hat for a picnic don't you think? 

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