Monday, April 25, 2016

Chicken Scratch 4.25.16

Welcome Monday!
It was a quiet weekend. Not too much got accomplished....Except that I continued working on more extra large weaved potholders. It has been a great craft....Just to kick back with the family while my fingers make something is kind of nice. I made a headache salve using plants from outside my door...I picked pine, eucalyptus, mint, and lavender. I then infused the oils from those plants then used it's oil in the salve along with bees wax and essential oils. I have used it twice and think it may actually help a it smells nice. I love that you can make homemade health remedies from your garden or outside your own backyard. Last month I made a cough salve and it too was a bit helpful. 

This week I will continue making these cute hot pads and will also be dehydrating fruit leathers....Since I won't get to do any canning this Spring/Summer....due to the uncertainty of a move and where that will be. I don't want to can things and worry about breakage and losing our food etc...with a big move...So I am sticking to little things.
 Fruit leather is perfect and fun not to mention good for you!

For the remainder of this week I will be cleaning, doing my dishes outside, finishing up laundry...You know, all the fun stuff! Good news too....Our son will be coming next month for a long overdue visit....Can't wait to wrap these momma arms around him and share some moments with him. I have already planned some of our family time activities for his visit....Can't wait!
Oh and here's a little peek at a few vintage goodies
 I got from the Thrift Shop over the weekend... Cute huh??? 

Here's to a great week!!!! 
Come back and see me ya hear!!!


  1. Wonderful photos. I really like the material that you pick. How does it make you feel to create these pot holders? Do you ever pick out special material for certain ones as a gift?

    1. you's really been therapeutic to just sit and work my fingers through the fabric...within 40 minutes or so I have a completed piece...I am using floral vintage sheets mostly and I love the idea of upcycling something into something new and useful. I have so many sheets right now...I'm just putting them together even mixing two different sheets and love the results. Thank you for coming by!!! Have a delightful week!!! P.S I will be making a couple for my mother in law as a gift so have to try and dig out a sheet with green in it...xo