Monday, April 25, 2016

Chicken Scratch 4.25.16

Welcome Monday!
It was a quiet weekend. Not too much got accomplished....Except that I continued working on more extra large weaved potholders. It has been a great craft....Just to kick back with the family while my fingers make something is kind of nice. I made a headache salve using plants from outside my door...I picked pine, eucalyptus, mint, and lavender. I then infused the oils from those plants then used it's oil in the salve along with bees wax and essential oils. I have used it twice and think it may actually help a it smells nice. I love that you can make homemade health remedies from your garden or outside your own backyard. Last month I made a cough salve and it too was a bit helpful. 

This week I will continue making these cute hot pads and will also be dehydrating fruit leathers....Since I won't get to do any canning this Spring/Summer....due to the uncertainty of a move and where that will be. I don't want to can things and worry about breakage and losing our food etc...with a big move...So I am sticking to little things.
 Fruit leather is perfect and fun not to mention good for you!

For the remainder of this week I will be cleaning, doing my dishes outside, finishing up laundry...You know, all the fun stuff! Good news too....Our son will be coming next month for a long overdue visit....Can't wait to wrap these momma arms around him and share some moments with him. I have already planned some of our family time activities for his visit....Can't wait!
Oh and here's a little peek at a few vintage goodies
 I got from the Thrift Shop over the weekend... Cute huh??? 

Here's to a great week!!!! 
Come back and see me ya hear!!!


  1. Wonderful photos. I really like the material that you pick. How does it make you feel to create these pot holders? Do you ever pick out special material for certain ones as a gift?

    1. you's really been therapeutic to just sit and work my fingers through the fabric...within 40 minutes or so I have a completed piece...I am using floral vintage sheets mostly and I love the idea of upcycling something into something new and useful. I have so many sheets right now...I'm just putting them together even mixing two different sheets and love the results. Thank you for coming by!!! Have a delightful week!!! P.S I will be making a couple for my mother in law as a gift so have to try and dig out a sheet with green in it...xo

  2. Hi. Am still having difficulties getting my comments through (user issue). I love your potholder!! I wanted to email you, but found no contact info. Please tell me what kind of loom you have, how you prepare your fabric (how wide you cut strips, how do you not have visible raw edges, how to make strips long enough, etc.) Please let me know. Thank you!

  3. Hi.
    Have tried to comment 5-7 times.Comments don't seem to go through I don't know what I am doing. Frustrating. anyway, not your problem.
    Love potholders. Please tell me where you got loom, how to prepare fabric, what do you do to not show raw edges, how wide strips, etc. I was unable to find contact info, so putting it all here.