Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Cleaning & Happenings

Spent the day Spring cleaning our lil homestead today, making the bed, fluffing, dusting, vacuuming up dust bunnies, wiping down the tables, sorting the clothes. 
I just got over being sick for a week and a half and felt good enough to get chores done. The dishes will have to wait since it is just beginning to rain. My birthday is coming up in five days...EEEEK!  

My dear Mr. Darling got me this lil cow creamer...I filled her up with tiny daisies and named her Moo Moo Mable. She is quirky as all get up...But I adore the thing to bits. We are not planning anything big...But Mr. Darling asked what I would like for my birthday...I told him I wanted some equipment to make cold processed soaps...I am really excited to make handmade soap the old fashioned way...I plan on learning how to render lard from scratch as well.
 It's a wonderful skill all farmgirl's should learn. I have been drying out herbs and flowers to prep them for making essential oils for the soaps as well. I am very excited to dive into making homemade, healthy products for my family and use the rest for gifts.

The next project I will be working on is making more frocks. I recieved two vintage patchwork quilt tops from a gal in Kentucky and will be cutting into them to make them into my clothing. I love the funky mix of different fabrics and prints... I think they will be pretty cute...At least that is what I envision! I am hoping to get them done over the weekend...We shall see. I am also going to be weaving potholders for my home and stock for my shop. Will share as I go!

Lastly, I will be starting an online Bible Art Journal through a fun online class. I pulled out all my journals to for the class as well as keeping up with my daily scripture writings, 1,000 gifts in my life and begin planning and journaling for our future homestead. We will be making drastic changes and learn to be a bit more self sufficient, resourceful and frugal when it comes to what we eat and where it comes from. Cooking and making more things from scratch rather than buying prepackaged junk from the grocery store. It has been a desire for a long time....Yet, we have implemented a lot of changes in our home...more changes will occur once we get settled. For now it is plan...plan...plan.... I want the very best for my family and use what God has given us and be good stewards of those gifts. I know it will be hard work...But my family, their health & well being are worth all the efforts.

Have a great weekend y'all!!
 Come back over the weekend as I share more Mother's Day gift ideas!

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