Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I had a lovely morning working on handiwork with a new friend of mine over tea and conversation. I brought along my loom which I got for my birthday along with the prettiest vintage floral sheet I found thrifting. I made a couple mistakes in the beginning as we were chatting...I wasn't paying attention, so had to re-do the mishap...Then I got it going just the way it should go. Angele worked on her beautiful embroidery stitches on her delightful pincushions. You must stop by her Etsy shop here to see her workmanship! I ordered her vintage telephone pincushion! It is a favorite of mine and honored to own her art work...She does the most gorgeous detailed pieces!

As I was weaving my over-sized potholder it reminded me of this new friendship and how God weaves people into our lives. It is a blessing to have her company, even knowing that we are only here in our town temporarily until Mr. Darling finds work. God is so good and knows just what we need even for a season. I would very much like to stay in contact with her even when we do move away. She's a gem with a kind, quiet yet colorful spirit. I look forward to seeing how God continues to weave together this colorful friendship and our lives, just as I finished weaving this colorful potholder. Everything about it is pleasing to me. It truly is a beautiful thing.

And now I am utterly addicted to this craft. It is perfect to take out and about or sit in front of the tube at night....I will surely be making more! Angele will get one too! A token of our weaved friendship. Come on back I will be posting a yummy relaxing foot soak recipe for your weary feet...It is getting to be the end of the week, perfect timing after a hard week on your feet. Take a moment to soak your feet and relax this weekend! See you later!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you have a great friend and wonderful insight to God's love. The potholder and pincushion are beautiful.