Monday, April 11, 2016

Easy Farmgirl Goats Milk & Lemon Soap Bars

I made a batch of easy Goats Milk & Lemon soap bars over the weekend. Thought this might be a good idea for y'all to make yourself for Mother's Day or just simple gifts in general. Of course you can use it for yourself too!!!! This is so easy to make!!! pick up a package of heat and pour goats milk soap base, a lemon, lemon essential oil and some flax or poppy seeds. I used half the package of soap base....Follow heating instructions on package. Then I added dried lemon peel & 40 drops of lemon essential oil, ( if you want yellow soap use yellow soap colorant) I wanted mine white...Just looks pretty with the lemon flakes) mix well, pour in soap molds and sprinkle flax seed or poppy seeds on top. Let cool and harden. I used a rectangle soap mold so had to cut my bars. 
You can use any soap mold you desire for this project!

It is so simple to make! And smells so good you could almost eat it...
But don't really eat it...Ha Ha Ha!!!
Soap making is really fun...Enjoy!!!

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