Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Teatime Tuesday~ Bringing Back The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

Hey Ya'll,  It's Teatime Tuesday!!!
A little series where I share tea, tea cups, and more....
Today I made a nice hot cup of Haskap Berry Pie Tea from St. Fiacre's Farm.
 I met her through Instagram and did a barter with her....The tea is amazing! If you are a tea lover as I am and interested in buying some tea for yourself  or as a gift please do visit. 
Click link above to take you to their Farm Store!

Recently I was blessed to meet a lovely lady via interwebs who just so happens to live in my old home state of Washington. She reached out and we moth decided we should become pen pals. That's right! Not just emailing back and forth but by snail mail. Sending letters and cards etc.... 

Penning a letter onto paper is truly a lost art in this computer age where email, texting, Facebooking, and Tweeting has taken over our culture. Surely some people still write letters on paper or note cards, But, it is almost a dying art. It doesn't have to be extinct however. The Greeting Card Companies are still in business, Which is nice. There's just nothing like getting a handwritten letter or card by a loved one or a friend through the post. And in return they would love a letter in return.

I am thrilled to have a pen pal now..I have been working on my letter to her and hoping to get it in the post soon...In the recent year I have been collecting note cards and greeting cards to keep on hand to write out to people in my life. I am not always great at getting them out...But decided now is the time to start writing more and sending a hello to those close to me. I have also vowed to be better at sending out a birthday greeting to family and friends. Just making a special effort will bring a smile to those I love and they will know that I think of them often & love them dearly. 

Life can get crazy busy sometimes. It may seem easier ( well it actually is) to just send a message through your phone or computer. I just want to encourage you to send a letter to someone special once in a while. It's the thoughtfulness that counts and makes people feel good that you thought of them and that you took that extra time to actually hand write it, which is priceless!!!
Wanna make something even more special to send through the post? I went on to Shutterfly and designed my own note cards (shown above)...You can put any picture on a card...Now that's sweet!

I hope this will inspire you to bring back the lost art of letter writing! 
Have a happy Tuesday ya'll!!!! See you soon!

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