Friday, October 21, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ My Farmgirl Sisterhood Merit Badges

I am a part of Mary Jane's Farm Sisterhood. If your'e not familiar with her...She has magazines and books in book stores and is online as well. There are a ton of like minded farmgirls from the city, rural parts, ranches, and in the country across America who are a part of Mary Jane's Sisterhood. You can meet other's like yourself through the Farmgirl Gab Chat, or start a group of Farmgirl's in your area plus earn merit badges like the Girl Scouts! Since our move to Indiana, I have slowly been turning in my applications for finished Merit Badge categories. In return they send me my Merit Badge Certificate and badge to embroider. It's fun as you learn new skills or perfect on skills you already know. It has been some time in the recent years I have been slowly going GREEN....I have made my own laundry detergents, hand soaps, and cleaners in our home. If I don't make them I will buy brands that are green. I have made gift baskets with green cleaners as well.

I unfortunately don't have chickens or bunnies at this time, but have raised them when I was a kid. We raised our flocks as meat and for the eggs, as well as my pets. It was during those days, I learned how to milk a cow and a goat too! Those are memories I will always hold dear to my heart. Those were the best days of my childhood that I even remember the most. I yearn to raise a flock again someday again. I love farm fresh eggs. The taste and color are so different from store bought. I have vowed to only purchase or except eggs from local Farmers/chicken keepers in my community.
I also mentioned last month I was blessed to lend a hand for our farmer friend and his wife. I spent the week caring for their flock of chickens, collecting their eggs, holding them and gleaning from their garden. I do hope they will have me help again in any way I can. They have been such a blessing to us since we came to Indiana. 
I also earned a certificate/badge for Making It Pretty. I have practiced with watercolors and pens not too long ago and hoping to turn a couple of my drawings into cards or something to sell or give.
As for my Going Green Certificate I also received one for Cleaning Up/My Fair Farmgirl. This goes hand in hand with making green household cleaners. I have been making my own beauty products or buying organic. I use an all natural baking soda with tea tree oil toothpaste, I started using an all natural deodorant spray that has essential oils in it. I have been making soaps, bath salts with essential oils with herbs or flowers, facial scrubs with no more than three natural ingredients ( that you can pronounce), lotions and salves along with essential oil use. I love that you can make your own products and you know what is in it. more than half of the chemical ridden products that are sold in stores are poisonous, harsh and you can't even read the ingredients half the time. It really does matter what you put in or on your body especially when we are so overloaded with the toxins of life. 
It takes time to change. I'm still a work in progress. I am almost ready to turn in my application for a few more merit badge/certificates! Yippee!!!


  1. Awesome my wonderful daughter! I love you and I am so happy you are settling in there in Indiana. Makes my heart smile :)

  2. They are fun to earn and heck we learn something too!

  3. This is absolutely so amazing and fun. I am so proud of you!!!