Monday, October 17, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Autumn In The Kitchen & Friends

I finally got around to using the peppers from the Farmer over the weekend! Plus the tomatoes....I now have some colorful jars of fermenting goodness on our counter. My dear Mr. Darling loves spicy, hot salsas and hot sauce....So I thought I would make some homemade hot sauce and a mucho hot salsa for him...Plus trying my hand at fermenting for the first time. The peppers will ferment for a while then will be blended down into a lovely hot sauce. Yummo! Can't wait to try them!

I finally got to the apples from the apple Orchard across the street from our Farmer friend's homestead...I made apple sauce, and cooking down apples and spices in the crock pot using an Amish Apple Butter recipe. It's still cooking down as I type this post...So far the house smells very Autumn festive like...And the flavors are divine!!! I also used my homemade brown sugar...I will never buy brown sugar in the store again...You just need sugar and molasses...Mix it up and it tastes so so so good!!! My canning season is just about coming to an end. I just have a bunch of tomatoes I will dice and preserve for use in my famous chili. Then I need to finish up my apple butter, make apple pie filling and pumpkin butter. Lastly I will be prepping the butternut squash which was also gifted to us from the Farmer & his wife...That will be diced up and froze... for roasting and soup!

The weather is getting chillier....except for today we had a weird hot day...The trees are turning and falling as the Autumn mood is in the air. We enjoyed a fun party over the weekend in Ohio at our friends home from church. A couple gal~friends of my daughters came along with us. It was a fun night with food, fellowship, hot cocoa, singing around a fire and S'mores. So thrilled and happy to finally be a part of a wonderful church and genuinely loving people who have opened their arms to us here in Indiana! We feel right at home, loved, safe and comforted. God is so good! We have so many things to be grateful for. We are at peace.

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