Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chicken Scratch~ Getting Back To Creating

It's been a crazy several years...But finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been putting Farmgirl Freckles on the back burner due to life and our move to Indiana...Throughout the past couple of years I have been collecting vintage fabrics and trims to create with. And now I am finally at a place where I can create again and start making goodes for my Farmgirl Freckles business. I recently created this wonky mug rug and named the piece "Grandmother's Garden". It was a part of a barter I did with a friend online. I decided to make more to sell.

I am so excited to dig into this beautiful and colorful fabric...I will also be creating bath salts, scrubs, salves, kitchen goodes, homegoodes, and possibly some frocks. I will also be creating lil farm baby items....and more!!! So get ready y'all...

I am using the fabric below for another frock for myself...
Hoping to wear it at the Dairy Festival this weekend!!! 
The fabric is stinkin' adorable!!!!

Be sure to come back Saturday for another awesome Home Sweet Home Tour!!! 
There is a delightful line up coming your way!!


  1. Wonderful photos. Love the fabric in the quilts and potholder!

  2. I love it, vintage fabric is my favorite! And, Festival?! I'm so jealous!!