Monday, October 3, 2016


There are a few things in life that make me happy...A couple of these are going out on dates with my husband and going on little adventures. He woke up and wanted to be spontaneous...So we took an afternoon drive to Shipshewana ( Amish Town) in our area. 
Seeing The Amish & Mennonites are new to us.  

If your not used to seeing them in person...Well, it's sorta fascinating. I guess it is the curiosity of them that interests me. I thoroughly loved seeing their homes and their buggies going down the road. Seeing their plain, yet colorful laundry hanging on the line, Amish children in child sized wagons pulled by a pony, and the young & old riding bicycles in dresses. My husband called their bicycles "Yodercycles" lol. We saw them working in their gardens, mowing their lawns and doing chores. It was just so enduring to me. Their ways are somewhat different than ours...It's intriguing.

We went to a bulk Amish grocery store and picked up some candy, nuts and fruit...And yes, there were some friendly Amish people who smiled, said hello and spoke to us. I have heard that many of them do not really like the English. I however did not experience that. They just look different, They are people just like us....That's all.

It was a fun day out with my dear Mr. Darling. We will surely go back...
There are some bulk goods from the Amish Grocery store that will be useful in our homestead.

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