Monday, October 10, 2016

Autumn In The Air

Autumn is in the air...I spent the afternoon mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, sprucing things up around the homestead and decorated the porch a bit with some Autumn decor.

Check out the cute Jack~O~Lantern I made out of an old rusty propane tank I found on the side of the road. I gave it new life and re-purposed into something whimsical. 
He looks happy and cheers up our porch!

I added some mums and pumpkins along with Autumn greenery, 
a hay bale, and old windows. The weather is cooling down a bit, the flowers are drying out and the leaves are changing and falling from the trees....We are finally able to wear sweaters and slippers!!!!

Meet Tom Keen...He is the ole' Tom Cat that hangs around outside our homestead...
So my girl kinda gave him a name. He has taken quite the liking to her too. As long as he keeps the mice out of the house, I don't mind this guy hanging outside.

I am so looking forward to making soups and enjoying many hot cups 
of tea snuggled down in a nice Afganny!!!


  1. Your house looks great in its autumn finery! I am a cat person, happy you've found one of your own. Or, that he found you!

  2. Very cute porch especially the Pumpkin Man. Yup, the only way I would have a cat would be if he or she was a mouser!!!