Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More Corners Of Our Little Farmgirl Style House

We have been settling in our temporary house the last couple of weeks. Even though temporary I added a little bit of charm and homeyness to the space. As we are not eve sure how temporary this space will be...I do however enjoy making HOME wherever we are. My family feels a sense of comfort when it has our personal touches around us. Let's just say we are making the best of what we have. And we are content and grateful to have this space.

I plan on working on projects here so we set up a little nook as a sewing spot for me. Perfect little space to call my own and make pretty things. We hung pictures on the walls and made each corner of our 900 sq. ft. space functional.

We only have a makeshift kitchen which I can cook in. But the dishes are done outside. So I made a workstation to be able to soak, wash, rinse and dry our dishes. I have an all new appreciation for farm folk in the past who didn't have the luxuries of a dishwasher and a washer and dryer even. It's hard work having to lug out your stuff and boiling water etc... Oh the things we take for granted!

I also added a little herb garden to our windowsill. Makes me happy! Hope you enjoyed the little peeks into our farmgirl style space. Until next time!!!!


  1. When life sometimes hands you lemons...make lemonade! And you have, Mica. Your pictures are just adorable and seeing them makes me want to move into your little abode!

  2. You do an amazing job of making a home does remind me of The Boxcar Children. Jill

  3. You are amazing and you take after me in the fact that wherever you are you make it home even though temporary. I love you my daughter. You little place is adorable.

  4. Amazing, your ability to turn a house into a home! I pray that you keep your loving attitude towards life and that God may guide you through the green pastures. I loved these new corners of your home that you shared with us. Thank you for supporting us with your strength and hope. Hugs. Margarida

    1. Margarida

      thank you so much for blessing me with such a sweet sincere comment. I appreciate it so very much....Thank you, thank you! May God bless you also!!!


  5. You've made a beautiful home for your family, and I'm sure they do appreciate the warm, homey touches you've put there. Prayers for your time of uncertainty.