Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chicken Peep Pudding Pies & Cupcakes Oh My!

I'm a little sad as we won't be making the trip up to the Northwest to see our son and my parents for Easter this year...But happy that our son will visit us during his vacation in May instead. We were planning on taking the road trip up and spend a few quality days with our boy, but life has taken a different route at this time. So this year, just the three of us will spend Easter with friends. I am happy that we will be spending it with friends who have selflessly taken us in and under their wings with Christ like love, as we heal and as we try to find our place. These friends have a very special place in my heart and there is no other I would wish to spend this glorious occasion with.

I spent the afternoon making treats for the littles. I love how my Chicken Peep Pies turned out....OMGosh it is so stinking cute!!!! I think the kiddo's will love them with the cupcakes! I'm also contributing a lovely green salad with raspberry vinaigrette topped with cranberries & walnuts. And  making a yummy potato salad! It will be a very nice day as we celebrate the Risen Christ! Though we will miss our boy very much! Wishing you and yours a very
 Happy Easter celebrating Resurrection Day!!!!

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