Friday, March 25, 2016

Frugal Farmgirl Supplies For The Homestead

I went through the Dollar store to search out frugal products you can use in your homestead. Why spend more than you have to on products when you can get them for a buck each?!! I do believe there are some products that are better than others if you spend more...But there is really no need to buy name brand stuff when it comes to filling your pantries with these types of products....Save yourself some time and money and shop at your local dollar stores. I made a handy list so you too can stock up on needful yet frugal items for your home. It's always handy to stock up on paper goods for emergencies, picnics or perhaps you are having guests and don't want to wash dishes. Buy your paper goods such as plates, bowls and plastic cutlery, paper towels, napkins and cups....You can also get colored paper goods for parties. No need to spend three times more from a party store. Foil, freezer bags, trash bags etc.... are needfuls we use often around the home. You can find clear glass jars with lids to store food, sewing notions or make bath salts as gifts.

fabric napkins
paper plates
paper bowls
paper napkins
paper towels
Plastic cutlery
wax paper
freezer bags
paper lunch sacks
coffee filters
trash bags
glass jars with lids
glass jar drinking mugs
muffin tins
cookie sheets
cupcake liners
wooden spoons
utility scissors
tooth picks
cleaning rags
microfiber dusters
light bulbs
Berlin Pilsner glasses for beer
emergency candles

Everyone does laundry...Throughout the years we have made homemade laundry soaps...Dollar stores are perfect for getting cheap ingredients for this project. Did you know that Dawn liquid dish soap is great for removing stains in clothes? I always keep a bottle on hand. I use vinegar and add a bit to my wash for stinky towels. I also use vinegar for cleaning counters etc...Want to dry your clothes in the fresh air and sunlight during Spring and Summer? You just need a rope clothes line and wooden clothes pins!

wooden clothes pins
rope clothes line

I like to get my sugar from the dollar store since I use it for baking and making sugar scrubs, it is the cheapest way to go. Baking soda is also a great product for taking out stains, adding to homemade laundry soap and for making bath products.

salt & pepper
some spices
coconut flakes
baking soda

An inexpensive way to make a first aid kit for your home is getting your supplies at the dollar store. There is no need to spend so much money on getting things you need for your kit. I keep Epson salt on hand to soak in the tub or soak my feet or to make bath salts. My daughter paints her nails all the time so cotton balls are a must...Stick some in your first aid kit too. Buy a few tubes of Udderly Smooth lotion...It is great for dry hands and you can even use it for what it was originally made for if you have cows...It works on their udders...No joke! Peroxide and rubbing alcohol is great for a first aid kit but can be used for other household cleaning chores and for stains.

Medicine Cabinet:
Epson salt
rubbing alcohol
cotton balls
triple antibiotic ointment
Udderly Smooth hand lotion
Peppermint epson salt foot soak
Aloe Vera
dental floss
package of 4 travel tissues
baby wipes
Nail files
hair accessories

I am a gift giver and crafter.... Buying supplies at the dollar store will save you lot's of bucks. You can use brown postal wrapping paper to wrap packages for mailing or gift giving/craft projects, buy greeting cards for any occasion....Why spend so much on a card? Some cards are over 5 bucks in stores...CRAZY!!! Wanna go to the movies? Get your candy from the dollar store! I threw an outdoor movie birthday party for our daughter last Summer and bought all the concession goodies for the girls...It was so inexpensive! I saved a ton!

Craft/party supplies:
brown postal wrapping paper
greeting cards
party supplies
shredded paper for gifts
gift bags

It is Spring here...You can get seed packs and bulbs at the dollar store...Don't forget your peet pots to start your seeds. Yes, they even have small bags of soil. Grab garden gloves, a pad for your knees, a watering can...and some flower pots, you will be gardening in no time.

peet pots for starting seeds
gardening gloves
work gloves
garden pots
simple garden tools
garden molded coconut liners for hanging baskets
wire hanging baskets

Need some supplies for your chickens and animals? You can get supplies for not only dogs and cats, but did you know you can get some rope hanging dog toys and use them as goat toys? Pick up some buckets and use for feed or cleaning/washing floors etc....Generic Pedialye is great to have on hand for a sick chicken...Just add a bit to it's water. If your chicken is injured and in pain, you add baby aspirin to water and give your chicken pain relief. Puppy pads are perfect for your baby brooders...Use baby bottle brushes for cleaning chicken water dishes. Put glass marbles in your baby chicks water as to prevent drowning. Rubber shelf liners help baby chicks stand with stability in their brooder. Don't forget to get rubber gloves to use for cleaning out chicken coops or other animal habitats. These supplies are a good thing to have and again you are saving a lot of money!

For The Chickens:
Buckets for feed or cleaning
Generic Pedialyte
baby aspirin
puppy potty pads
bottle brush
glass marbles
rubber shelf liners
dish rubber gloves
Epson Salt

I hope this inspires you and your frugal endeavors!
You'll never have to spend over a buck for these handy products for your homestead again!

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