Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Farmgirl Easter Basket

Need some quick inspiration for a darling Easter basket? Easter is right around the corner. I pulled together a fun Farmgirl Basket to show you that you don't need very much at all to make a beautiful gift basket for someone. And what Farmgirl wouldn't love this basket?

Shopping List:

1. Sweet basket with ribbon around it from Hobby Lobby
2. Chicky Chocolate from World Market
3. Lamb Chocolate from Target
4. Jelly beans, Malt eggs from The Dollar Tree
5. Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds from Trader Joe's
6. Dark Chocolate Chicken Handmade from shop on Etsy
7. Goat Soap and Basket shredded grass from World Market
8. Rainbow chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Hobby Lobby
Simple, sweet, thoughtful and beautiful!


  1. Cute basket, and I love the little lamb tucked into it!

  2. It is perfect and well done farm girl!